Whip Crackers Christmas Ornament!


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The product of a seasonal brainstorm! Presenting the Whip Cracker Suite Christmas ornament! O come all ye whip enthusiasts! A charming 30 mm glass ornament filled with five festively colored nylon crackers! Each cracker is a sturdy 8″x2″ size, which will accommodate most cracker needs. Too, which as a petite sadiste I find especially amusing, it provides for a bit of predicament fun and games, i.e., getting the crackers back OUT again! lol! Also, these are vanilla friendly, so you actually CAN hang them on your tree and/or present them as gifts. Available now for $15 each, plus shipping (includes 5 crackers plus the ornament and HOOK, and a little extra for shipping materials since it IS glass). If you order more than one, naturally I can combine shipping. Send me an email if you’re interested! I have both this shape above (Dreidel) and clear round glass balls too (with glitter!).

Christmas Cracker Ball Ornament 2019 All

Christmas Cracker Ball Ornament Center

Christmas Cracker Ball Ornament Left

Christmas Cracker Ball Ornament Right



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