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First, the pricing chart, then if you want details, look to the text below. I’ve got two different styles of riding crops (feel free to make suggestions, of course), one with knots only in the handle area, about six inches apart, and the other with an actual handle built up from the core, also at 6 inches. The second case works for folks who want a larger diameter for their grip, and/or who want a different pattern, plait count and/or different colors on the handle in relation to the plaiting on the shaft.

Knots Only 6″ handle

18″ crop/bat



24″ crop



30″ crop



36″ crop



The shaft of my crops are done in 8 plait, with a heel and transition knot 6″ apart to create the handle area. Alternatively, a handle that is built up from the core is also an option, and is typically done in 12 plait; if you’d like a higher plait count or spiral plaiting, there is an upcharge depending on how fancy we get–talk to me first and we’ll get you sorted. Slappers are both hand sewn and also bound and secured with a grapevine hitch at the slapper end, and there is a 2 to 3 inch hanger on the handle. I no longer use kangaroo hide for the slappers, because in my opinion the hide is too thin and floppy. I have a number of other weights of leather that work beautifully, including a nice black chap hide, smooth-grained and a little thicker and stiffer than kangaroo, as well as the standard motorcycle garment cowhide, also in black, and my favorite, a heavy bison hide, again in black.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Riding Crop VB 24 inch

This is an example of how I build the slapper end of my crops.

The picture above shows an example of how I build the slapper onto the shaft of a crop these days (the photos below are earlier versions–I don’t make them like that any more, because this method pleases me better). I can fashion the slapper in a variety of shapes using a number of different leathers, so feel free to talk with me about what you like, and we’ll fashion an implement right up your alley! PS: the slapper above is made of heavy bison hide, again, my favorite both in terms of appearance and performance.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Riding Crop full length

This is the same crop at full length.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Riding Crop Handle Detail

Handle detail of the above riding crop, which is the “knots only” style. As you can see, the pattern on the shaft of the crop is continued in the handle area, marked off simply by placing a knot at 6″ from the heel knot.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Red and Black Appletree riding crop

Another style of crop, in this case, there is a 6″ handle built up from the core, capped by heel and transition knots, and the plaiting on the handle is in a different color from the shaft.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Black Riding Crop slapper hand stitching

The slapper is hand-stitched onto the shaft of the crop, while the tangs are bound with nylon. The next step after this is to plait the grapevine over the biding…

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Black and Yellow Kangaroo leather Riding Crop

18 inch riding crop/bat in black and yellow kangaroo leather. This one also has a 6″ handle built up from the core, done in 16 plait black and yellow alternating chevrons.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Black and Yellow kangaroo leathe riding crop vine stitching detail

Detail of the grapevine hitch at the slapper end of the crop pictured above.