Kangaroo Leather Snake Whips

Snake Whip Cover

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First, of course, the pricing chart and ordering instructions just to keep things easy to find. Details about snake whips follows. The first chart is for “pocket” snake whips, at 5 feet or less, all of which are shot loaded. The second chart is for full-sized snake whips, starting at 6 feet, which, since they are full sized, are naturally weighted.

You will observe that the 3ft whips are ONLY available in 16 plait. Higher plait counts are available for longer whips.

“Pocket” Snake Whip Pricing Chart

POCKET Snake Whips
16 plait 20 plait 24 plait
3 feet $370 Not Available Not Available
4 feet $390 $430 $450
5 feet $410 $450 $510
5 feet w/extra plaited belly $565 $615 $635
Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 3ft 16 plait snake whip CW

A classic look, this is a 3ft 16 plait pocket snake whip in all black kangaroo leather, shot loaded, with a tapered latigo fall and nylon cracker…

And you can of course always place a custom order!

Large Snake Whip Pricing Chart

Large Snake Whips
16 plait 20 plait 24 plait
6 feet $645 $735 $825
8 feet $745 $835 $925
10 feet $845 $935 $1025
12 feet $945 $1035 $1,125

“Why isn’t there a ‘buy now’ button or something?”

Items on this page are made to order. To purchase an item off this page, you need to send me an email first. Just tell me “I wanna whip!” and we’ll take it from there, OR you can tell me how long you want your whip to be, how many strands you want, what color(s), and any special requests, and I will contact you back to discuss details. Once we have these details sorted out (I will provide information about shipping, handling and any taxes), then I will send you an invoice via PayPal. If you want to make a purchase right now, then take a peek in the upper right side bar, where items I have that are ready to ship are featured.

Very good, and now for a few details!

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 5ft 24 plait Mountain Sierra King snake whip

Testimonials from client(s): “Just got her Minx!! The weight is perfect!!! Just like throwing a dart!!” 5ft 24 plait “Mountain Sierra King” snake whip, 30″ latigo fall, black red and white nylon cracker, plait in red black and white kangaroo leather.

Mojave Outliers Whip Makers 5ft 24 plait Navy & Natural Kangaroo Leather Snake Whip

Testimonial from client(s): “Damn but you do some beautiful work!” “You legend. This is f***ing gorgeous.” A 5ft 24 plait navy & natural kangaroo leather snake whip in alternating chevrons, shot loaded, 30″ tapered latigo fall and nylon cracker.

It would seem that in order to understand what a snake whip is, you have to understand how it differs from other, more familiar whips. To that end, the only difference between a (full-sized) snake whip and a bullwhip is the handle: a snake whip, technically speaking, doesn’t have one. A bullwhip has a rigid handle, whereas the handle area on a snake whip is flexible along with the rest of the thong. It’s ALL thong. This makes them a bit trickier to throw than a bullwhip, but less cumbersome to carry around–theoretically you can wind it up and put it in your pocket.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 4ft 16 plait white Snake Whip BM

This is a rare piece–a 4ft 16 plait snake whip done in all white kangaroo leather! This leather is “falconry grade,” so it’s a lot heavier/thicker than usual, making for a VERY sturdy whip with a cracking LOUD bang!

It seems to me that cowboys and other critter wrangler types must have had big pockets. A full sized snake whip is no dainty matter. A POCKET snake (5 feet long or less, not counting the fall) is far more likely for tucking away.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 3ft 16 pl black white red blue snake whips

A “Pocket” snake whip and a signal whip are very similar, too. The only real difference is that the pocket snake has a fall with a cracker attached, whereas a signal whip has the cracker attached directly to the end of its thong.

4ft MA 16 plait Natural Snake Whip 150

This is a 4 ft, 16 plait pocket snake in natural kangaroo hide, with a 30″ fall and white nylon cracker(sold).

A word about short (under 4 feet) whips in general: A shorter whip is a faster whip, and it flies closer to your body. They’re harder, therefore, to control compared to a longer whip (4 feet or above). This makes them quite a bit more dangerous, especially for eye injuries. If you’re a novice whip thrower, consider a longer whip to start out with, and always make sure you’re wearing safety gear (safety glasses or goggles, a wide brimmed hat, long heavy sleeves and pants, etc.) while you practice. Do NOT crack any whip against an actual person, especially if you’re new to throwing! I promise you, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you’re good about being careful.

I don’t want anyone getting back to me with a story about losing an eye, okay!?