Leather Conditioner

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Creosote Bush JTNP 2

At the moment, we at Mojave Outliers are in the process of developing our own leather conditioner, but until that’s ready, I thought I’d offer small jars of what I use currently.

I use Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP, and you can find larger jars of it at Cabela’s or you can order it from Amazon or indeed from the Obenauf’s website itself. I did notice that Obenauf’s is no longer offering a 2 oz size jar of conditioner, alas, but you’re in luck, as what I’ll do is scoop some of MY stash of Obenauf’s into a 2 oz jar and send it on.

The cost of a 2 oz jar is $4.25 plus shipping, which covers my costs, of course, and this is light enough to ship first class, so postage will only be maybe $2-3.00 via USPS First Class Parcel, depending on where you live in the United States. International orders will be quite a bit more, so the best thing to do is order some conditioner along with your whip, and then there is essentially no shipping cost added. Naturally you can order conditioner with your domestic shipment and it (usually) won’t add to the shipping either.

Bear in mind that Obenauf’s will darken light colored leathers (and remember, your whip is greased and ready to go on arrival, so you should only need a very light application of conditioner maybe twice a year depending on your climate). I love this stuff ESPECIALLY for conditioning falls, which you should do every time you use your whip (assuming you have a fall). In any case, all my whips are packed with Obenauf’s on the bellies, since it doesn’t matter whether the leather is darkened.

If you’d like to try some, just send me an email and we’ll get you sorted out!

Copy and paste version: desert.minx@mojaveoutliers.com

In the meantime, stay tuned for MojO’s own leather conditioner!