Kangaroo Leather Mini Bullwhips

Mini bullwhips black and red pair

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First, of course, the pricing chart and ordering instructions just to keep things easy to find. Details about mini bullwhips follows. Note: if you would like spiral plaiting (16 plait or above) on your whip, talk to me first, but ordinarily add between $50 to $100.

3ft whips are ONLY available in 12 and 16 plait. If you would like spiral plaiting, bump it up to a 3.5ft whip–that gives me enough room for all those strand drops. :)

Mini Bullwhips – Shot Loaded Core
12 plait 16 plait 20 plait 24 plait
3 feet $345 $370 Not Available Not Available
3.5 feet Not Available $380 $410 $440
4 feet NA $390 $430 $450
5 feet NA $410 $450 $510
5 feet w/extra plaited belly NA $595 $615 $635
Mini Bullwhips Naturally Weighted
16 plait 18 plait 20 plait 24 plait
5 feet $485 $535 $585 $635
5.5 feet $510 $560 $610 $660

What is a mini-bullwhip? Not a big mystery: a mini bullwhip is simply a scaled down version of a full sized bullwhip, shorter and narrower. I do two different general types of builds: shot loaded, and naturally weighted (if you look above, the first chart is for shot, and the second is for naturally weighted).

The shot loaded whips are a little heavier or “beefier” if you will, with a finished diameter at the heel in the 22-25 mm range, shorter handles, and a bit more heft in the hand. Too, I’ll build them as short as 3ft long if you like, because we can account for the short length with the shot bag, right? Right!

The naturally weighted whips do NOT have a shot bag–they depend for their balance on the natural weight of the leather. Instead, I build them with 2 bolsters and 2 plaited bellies (and a number of layers of binding with flat sinew).

Naturally weighted whips have a more slender profile, with a lighter heft in the hand, and generally the finished diameter at the heel is in the 19-21 mm range, with longer handles. These I don’t recommend building at less than 5ft, because they’re just too light to go that short without a shot bag, okay? These whips are splendid if you like doing fast volleys, and they slick out on a throw like they can read your mind, and will reward you on demand with a crisp, loud crack.

5ft 16 plait NW Black Bullwhip

THIS is a naturally weighted bullwhip, 5ft long at 16 plait, with a 30″ tapered latigo fall. The handle is plaited in short herringbone, with a section of solid bands interrupted by a single row of double diamonds (tribute to Mike Murphy), more short herringbone, and then I transition to regular herringbone for the thong.

I have photos of BOTH types of builds below, and I’ve written in the captions to the photos which ones are which, so take a peek!

This is a 5ft 16 plait bullwhip with an extra plaited belly, in brandy & saddle tan kangaroo leather, with modified birds eye on the 12" steel core handle. This also has a shot load, so the build has some nice heft in the hand.

This is a 5ft 16 plait bullwhip with an extra plaited belly, in brandy & saddle tan kangaroo leather, with modified birds eye on the 12″ steel core handle. This also has a shot load, so the build has some nice heft in the hand.

2x Red and Black Kangaroo Leather Mini Bullwhips

A matched pair of 4ft 16 plait mini bullwhips in black and red kangaroo leather, diamond plaiting on the handles (8″ long), alternating chevrons on the thongs, tapered latigo falls, and nylon crackers. These two whips were built to travel a bit more lightly than usual, with a hint of Mike Murphy in the mix, granted both of these DO have shot bags, just a bit narrower than I normally build.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 4 ft 24 plait mini bullwhip in coral snake pattern

This is a 4 foot, 24 plait shot loaded mini bullwhip done in a coral snake pattern, with red, black and yellow kangaroo hide in alternating chevrons. In this case, the heel knot is rounded per the client’s request.

Generally speaking, mini bullwhips are great for learning to throw: the weight of the fall slows the whip down a little bit, so that once you’ve thrown the whip you have a bit more time to get out of the way if/as it comes flying back! 😉 Too, the rigid handle gives a bit of extra control compared to a snake or signal whip, so that also helps if you’re just learning to throw.

4ft 16 plait black mini bullwhip

This is a 4 ft 24 plait mini bullwhip in black kangaroo leather–what I’ve termed the “slim line” model, as it starts out with a more slender shot loaded core, resulting in a more slender, lighter whip. Please mention it if you’d like this kind of build.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 4ft 16 plait mini bullwhip in black with red knots

…and a 4ft 16 plait shot loaded mini bullwhip in black with red heel and transition knots…

4ft 12 plait NW forest green and natural

This is a 4ft 12 plait naturally weighted bullwhip, with a 30″ tapered latigo fall, the overlay plaited in forest green and natural using the single strand offset pattern.

5ft 16 plait NW JW

…another 5ft 16 plait naturally weighted bullwhip in all black kangaroo leather, with a 30″ tapered latigo fall

5ft 16 plait NW Handle and Fall Bullwhip

And I just like this pic. It’s a detail shot showing the handle and fall knots of the previous 5ft 16 plait naturally weighted bullwhip…

Royal Blue SS Bullwhips

These are a pair of 4.5ft 16 plait naturally weighted bullwhips in royal blue and black kangaroo leather. Steel core handles in this case are 10″ long, and I did both transition knots as pineapple knots (see detail shot below) rather than the more usual 4 bite 2 pass turk’s head because I felt it would look nice with the diamond plaiting on the handles. The whip is finished with 30″ tapered latigo falls.

Royal blue bullwhips transistion knots detail

Detail shot of the naturally weighed bullwhips, with the transition knots in place…

If you have questions or an interest in a mini bullwhip, of course drop me an email and I’ll get back to you toot sweet!

Copy and paste version: desertminx@mojaveoutliers.com

3ft 16 plait Mini Bull

Customer’s remarks on this 3ft mini bullwhip: “Arrived today! Beautiful work! :) We’re both a bit “stiffie” at the moment but I’m sure at least one of us will slacken a bit over time 😉 Love the weight, it feels just perfect. And the end knot adds another dimension to this wonderful instrument…*evil grin*
Couldn’t be happier!”