Target Performance Hybrid Whips!


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What is a Target Performance Hybrid whip? It’s a paracord whip that is kind of a cross between a bullwhip and a stock whip, built with a cPVC handle, with the thong tied into the handle, rather than attached with a keeper. I believe the original design is by Paul Nolan, and a fine build it is! In my case, my PH whips have a 17″ cPVC handle with a 5ft thong, separate paracord fall & cracker, and I finish the whips with a kangaroo leather pineapple heel knot, just for fun! The handle is half plaited at 16 plait, and the thong is plaited at 12 plait. The build details are firm, but you can pick the colors! Just send me an email at and we’ll figure out what we can do for you.

These whips are $175 plus shipping.

This design is outstanding for throwing rapid volleys and targeting. It’s also a really good deal if you’re just learning to throw but you don’t want to have a big initial investment.

Here’s some pics, to give you an idea!







Again, just send me an email at if you’d like me to build you one of these babies!

More pics!