Kangaroo Leather Cat o’nine tails & Western Quirts

Cat o'nine tails and Quirt Cover

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First, the pricing and ordering information just to keep things easy to find! Details about cats and quirts follows.

Cat o’nine tails Western Quirt

12 plait

Not Available* (see below)


16 plait



16 plait spiral



24 plait spiral



(*I can’t offer a Cat at 12 plait, because in order to have the right number of strands to plait the tails continuous with the handle, the overlay AND the plaited belly MUST be at 16 plait each. If you’re confused, just send me an email, and I’ll go into more detail. OR, read below about the construction of a Cat, because that might clear it up for you–but don’t worry anyway, because I absolutely do NOT mind answering questions!)

Next, a link to a blog I wrote on the CONSTRUCTION of a cat o’nine tails, just in case you’re wondering about the number of clams it takes to pry one out of me:

Birth of a Felinus Feline

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Cat o nine tails for Love Revolution

12 plait spiral cat o’nine tails, roughly 4 feet long; tails are 24-26 inches, handle is about 18-20 inches, black kangaroo hide on the handle with red kangaroo hide tails in a 4 plait round braid–nine of them, of course!

The cat o’nine tails pictured in the photo above is a 20 strand plait model; the handle is solid black with a pineapple knot at each end, and the tails are red and black kangaroo leather. The handle is flexible (though still satisfyingly rigid), about 20 inches long (not counting the wrist strap), just under an inch in diameter at the butt end, and has an 16 inch shot bag inside to give it a little weight. The nine tails are each a 4 strand round plait about 24 inches long total, ending in crown knots with the last additional 6 inches fanning out into lovely leather lace. All total the cat is nearly 4ft long. If you’ve raised an eyebrow at the pricing, understand that just the tails are about 144 feet of leather lace, which is about what I’d cut for the bellies and a good chunk of the overlay for a 5ft bullwhip with two plaited bellies and the overlay, and then there is the handle build besides, so yeah, I charge a pretty penny for cats. Huge amount of material and labor! To be completely clear, I am not going to apologize for the pricing.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Blue and Roan Cat o nine tails

This cat was plaited using the “spiral” method, in an “Egyptian” motif.

Western Quirts are made quite similarly to the Cat o’nine tails, except of course there is a leather split braided slapper on the end in place of the tails, or I can create an 8 plait loop at the end of the handle and bend the slapper through, securing it with a small screw back concho (see photos below)…

Quirt with Concho

This is an example of a quirt with an 8 strand plaited loop and a slapper bent through it secured with a screw back concho.

Quirt with concho front

Detail shot of the front side of the slapper.

Quirt with Concho back

Detail of the back side of the slapper…