(SOLD!) Kawanga Stick Delrin Cane with Kangaroo Leather Handle!

Delrin Cane Kawanga Stick Fire Kangaroo Leather Handle

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(SOLD!) A charming and wicked Kawanga Stick! This is a 24 inch cane made of 3/8 inch diameter Delrin, so it’s virtually indestructible, and, at THAT diameter, serious business. I’ve created an 8 inch handle on it, in 12 plait kangaroo leather in “Fire!” colors, black with red, orange and yellow alternating chevrons, to give the impression of flames. Or maybe red hot chili peppers. In addition to the longevity of this cane, it is ALSO possible to sanitize the cane without damaging it (but not the handle! Don’t do that!).

Here’s a detail pic of the handle:

Delrin Cane Kawanga Stick Kangaroo Leather Handle Detail