24/16 Split Spiral Kangaroo Leather Bullwhip

4.5ft 24/16 plait Split Spiral Mini Bullwhip

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This is a recently completed custom order, a 4.5ft 24/16 plait split spiral mini bullwhip, in black & pink kangaroo leather. I pop it in here to give people an idea of what’s possible for an overlay on a whip. THIS is done by plaiting the handle separately, at 24 plait, from the thong which is then plaited starting at 16 plait. One of the nice things about doing it this way is than you have a lot fewer strand drops on the thong, so you get a smoother profile. Too, it vastly simplifies strand tapering, at least insofar as you don’t need to taper the strands on the handle, since the diameter of the handle is the same from heel to transition. The boundary between the handle plaiting and the thong is covered by a decorative transition knot, which is placed on the last inch of the handle (and not out on the thong).


The above is a detail shot of the “front” of the handle. In this case I went with kind of a “Celtic” motif, but the possibilities are endless!


And this is the “back” side of the handle, showing how the design wraps around. Having a “front” and “back” side means you’ve got some versatility, particularly if you wanted to personalize the decorative plait with a name or other words.


Detail shot of the thong and tail, showing the difference in taper along the length of the thong. Nice and smoooooth!

This particular whip sold for $665 smackers, which includes the 24 plait, the fact that it’s a split thong (a bit of extra work), and the custom design itself (i.e., drafting it, and also emails back and forth to refine the design). If this piques your interest and you’d like to have a custom build along these lines, naturally drop me an email!