3ft 12 plait BB Mini Bullwhip!

Bullwhip Leather Kangaroo Mojave Outliers Argyle Licorice BB

Copy and paste version: desert.minx@mojaveoutliers.com

Available now! The Argyle Whip! The first rendition of a new addition to my repertoire, the Argyle pattern originally hails from the Argyll region of western Scotland in the 1600’s, the tartan of the redoubtable (or perhaps a better word would be “infamous”) Campbell clan, in this case plaited in black, red & purple kangaroo leather. Next, I plait a BAG PIPE!! Hahahahaha! The rest of the specs for this beauty are a 5.25″ steel core handle, shot loaded core, 22″ black tapered latigo fall, a purple B55 Poly bowstring 8″x2″ cracker, and solid red kangaroo leather pineapple heel knot, with contrasting black bolster. This can be yours for $240 smackers plus shipping! Simply send me an email at the address above, and we’ll get you sorted!

Here are some more pics of this little dainty!

Bullwhip Leather Kangaroo Mojave Outliers BB Argyle Licorice Handle

Bullwhip Leather Kangaroo Mojave Outliers BB Argyle Licorice Plait

Again, feel free to send me an email if you’re interested, or have questions or comments!