Kangaroo Leather Baby Basilisk Mini Dragon’s Tongue

Baby Basilisk mini Dragon's Tongue

And here we have a spot for weird funky stuff that (so far) doesn’t fit anywhere else.

Presenting the Baby Basilisk! A dainty morsel that packs a serious sting, and leaves welts effortlessly.

I found this out by accident when my partner snapped me on the arm with a piece of scrap motorcycle leather. We could still see the mark two days later (and yeah, you should see the other guy). Of course I jumped into the Walter Mitty R&D Lab immediately, and came up with this.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Baby Basilisk dragon's tongue long 150

A teeny tiny dragon’s tongue! It’s modeled after my flogger handles (please note that I recently stopped offering floggers in favor of focusing on making whips), but in miniature: the handle is 5 inches long, shot-loaded, 12 plaited in kangaroo hide, with red heel and tail knots and a short flat braid hanger. The tail itself, about 11 inches long, is “motorcycle garment” cowhide–very soft and supple. But when cut in the classic elongated Queen of Spades shape, and snapped perkily, there is NOTHING soft about it! Hence the Basilisk soubriquet.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Baby Basilisk dragon's tongue long 150

Available now, a Baby Basilisk. The handle is a scaled down version of my flogger handles, 5 inches long, shot loaded, 12 plaited in black and red kangaroo hide. The tongue is about 11 inches long, cut from “motorcycle garment” cowhide, $75.00.

Make sure you have a bag of frozen peas handy.

In any case, this is a very nice, close quarters, tender parts instrument for $75.00.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Baby Basilisk Bon Bons

Naturally, you can have one custom-made, just bear in mind that I only do Baby Basilisks on spec. Just send me an email, and I’ll note down your interest–then when I’m ready to make another batch, I’ll contact you to make sure you’re still interested.

Copy and paste version: desert.minx@mojaveoutliers.com

Also, bling happens! For an extra $5 bucks, you can add up to three synthesized crystal rhinestones to your Basilisk, like this:

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Baby Basilisk Purple with Bling

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Baby Basilisk Black with Purple Knots Bling