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Introducing the Teacup micro snake whips! These whips, which double as a short lead or leash, are 20 inches long, 12 plaited in kangaroo hide, with an 8 inch Indian tan latigo fall and nylon cracker. They’re plaited on a one inch “O” ring, and come with a double ended snap hook that can, if desired, be removed. They’re built with a tapered core, and yes, they actually do crack, although it’s very quiet as this is a very tiny whip.

Black & Pink Teacup Pineapple

Trio w Orange

RE all red

Teacup micro snake whips by Mojave Outliers Desert Minx Group Shot

Detail of the heel knots, 'O' ring and plaiting of the Teacup micro snake whips!

Detail of the heel knots, ‘O’ ring and plaiting of the Teacup micro snake whips!

Teacup Micro Snake Whip teacups

Pictured, of COURSE, with a pair of oriental teacups! This one has a clasp rather than an “O” ring and double ended snap hook, and it cannot be removed. This was a one time deal though due to chance; normally these come with the double ended snap hook.

I make these on spec only, so if you want one (and you don’t see one in the upper right corner of this page), then feel free to email me and inquire. Bear in mind that as these ARE a spec item, the only thing about them that I’ll change is the color(s) of the overlay. What that means is you can’t change anything at all except the color of the overlay. These are a specific size, 20″ (you can’t change that), the fall is 8″ and made of Indian tan latigo (you can’t change that, either), the heel knot (you can’t change that) has a ring in it (which you can’t change), and it comes with a double ended snap hook (which you also can’t change). Otherwise, they’re $49.95 plus shipping.

Below are photos of MORE Teacup whips, by way of serving suggestion! Enjoy!

Teacup micro snake whip Black Natural

This one sports a two tone knot…

 Teacup micro snake whip Black Natural Knot Detail

Detail photo of the black and natural Teacup whip with a two-tone heel knot

Teacup micro snake whip Licorice

A pair of Licorice whip teacups! Plaited in black with purple and red alternating chevrons!

Teacup micro snake whip Collection

A collection of Teacup whips, including a coral snake (black, red and yellow) and the recently invented Bumble Bee Teacup (black and yellow). The whip at the top is a Budget Boudoir mini pocket snake whip (3ft 12 plait) to give you a size comparison.

Again, these are $49.95 plus shipping and I only do them on spec. Feel free to email me to find out whether and when we’ll be making them!