MojO News!

MojO News

What’s new at Mojave Outliers! Listed here are updates and announcements, starting with the most recent items first.

Updated November 16, 2018 Actually, everything is quite up to date on this post, I just wanted folks to be assured that I’m keeping an eye on it! I DID just now update the “Colors Available” page, so take a peek if you’re curious what I can do for you in that regard…just click this link –>Colors Available

Updated June 25, 2017 Yes, I am now accepting custom orders again, yay! However, I’ve made changes from how I was doing it before, so read carefully.

I’ve invented what I call my “Interested Parties” list. On this list I take down your contact information and a description of the whip you’d like me to build for you. Then, when I’m ready to start your build, I contact you to find out if you’re still interested. No money changes hands, and in the meantime, you’re free to shop with other whip makers if you like. Once I’ve completed your build, THEN I will send you a PayPal invoice.

My queue is longish, varying between 8 months to a year (and sometimes longer, especially during the holiday season for instance), which is actually pretty normal for whip makers. Part of the time I spend in my shop I build smaller spec items, because this helps me even out the cash flow in between custom orders. The idea behind the “Interested Parties” list is to keep us both flexible. I need to be able to control my work flow, and naturally you need to control your cash flow, so not having a debt between us until I’m ready to ship seems to me the best way to go. What this translates to is that if you’re on my “Interested Parties” list, that doesn’t mean there’s a contract between us such that I’m going to build your whip by a specific date, it just means that I’ll check that list FIRST before I do my next build. The advantage to you is that you’re not out a bunch of cash at the outset (some folks use the wait time to save up for their whip, which I think is quite clever), and you’re not “locked in” to your purchase with me–you can shop if you like, as I said above. Another advantage is that you can plan your finances over a period of time–many of my clients use their time in the queue to save up.

Naturally if you have questions about this, send me an email at And if you’d like to place a custom order, why, then send me an email at, and we’ll get your details sorted!

If you’re curious, you can read below for the back story to how I came up with this. And don’t worry, we’re pretty much back on our feet here at MojO!

Updated March 20, 2017 As some of you already know, the past year and more at Mojave Outliers has been a tough one, as we lost four family members from December through July. I’ll spare you the details, but the upshot is I missed a lot of shop time as a result. Hence the current focus on the custom order queue, since things seemed to have settled down (hopefully!). But not to worry! Once I get to the point where I’m satisfied that I’ve again achieved a sustainable work flow, I’ll begin accepting custom orders and doing spec again.

I have started what I’m calling an “Interested Parties” list, for those who might be interested. You tell me what you have in mind for a whip (so I have an idea how long it’ll take to build) and your contact information, and then if and when I get a chance to build your whip, I will contact you from this list to find out if you’re still interested. No guarantees at this time, but also no money changes hands, and naturally you’re still free to shop with other whip makers. When I DO start accepting custom orders again, I’ll be contacting the people on this list first. Feel free to send me an email if you’d like to be on this list.

My email address, for your convenience:

All the best,

Thea, aka Desert Minx

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers (MojO)