(SOLD!) 3ft 12 plait Budget Boudoir mini Bullwhips!


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(SOLD!) Not one, not two, but THREE Budget Boudoir mini bullwhips! The first is the Rudolf whip, characterized by a lovely bright red heel knot–perfect for the season!–with an all black thong.


This is 3ft 12 plait, all kangaroo leather, with a shot loaded core, 22″ tapered black latigo fall and red B55 poly bowstring 8″x2″ cracker!


With a lovely proportioned taper and fine plaiting, she slides out willingly with a nice crisp crack.


Next is a 3ft 12 plait Budget Boudoir mini bullwhip in pink and black kangaroo leather! Classic style with a little pizzazz!


A heel knot in solid pink this time, diamond plaiting on the handle, and single strand offset on the thong. Shot loaded core, 24″ tapered black latigo fall, and this time a pink B50 Dacron bowstring 8″x2″ cracker!


…smoooooth plaiting all the way, which is how we like it!

(This Whip has SOLD!) And finally, The Candy Cane Whip!


A more vintage Christmas look, peppermint Candy Cane whip in green kangaroo leather with red & white. This is an ORIGINAL, too, since I actually ended up spiral plaiting the handle, because that was the best way to get that lovely swirl just right. No extra charge, though, since it’s R&D and I can use this on other builds, too, now that I know how to do it.


A detail of that classic barber pole look! Do not lick! I mean, you can…but prolly you won’t taste any peppermint, at least not at first…lol!


Detail of the plaiting out on the thong. The usual clean tapering of the thong & strands!



Copy and paste version: desert.minx@mojaveoutliers.com

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