Kangaroo Leather Signal Whips

Signal Whips Cover

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First, of course, the pricing chart and ordering instructions just to keep things easy to find. Details about signal whips follows. Note: spiral plaiting will add $75 to $100 to the pricing depending on the design.

Signal Whips
12 plait 16 plait 20 plait 24 plait
3 feet $340 $365 Not Available Not Available
4 feet $360 $385 $425 $445
5 feet $380 $405 $445 $465
5 feet w/third plaited belly $455 $480 $520 $540

“Why isn’t there a ‘buy now’ button or something?”

Items on this page are made to order. To purchase an item off this page, you need to send me an email first. Just tell me “I wanna whip!” and we’ll take it from there, OR you can tell me how long you want your whip to be, how many strands you want, what color(s), and any special requests, and I will contact you back to discuss details. If you want to make a purchase right now, then take a peek in the upper right side bar, where items I have that are ready to ship are featured.

Very good, and now for a few details!

What IS a signal whip? It’s a smaller whip, between 3 and 5 feet long with no fall—the cracker is attached directly to the body of the whip itself. Signal whips don’t have a handle, either—that is to say, the part where you hold it is not rigid, instead it is flexible (in contrast to a bullwhip, for instance, which has a stiff handle that doesn’t flex with the thong of the whip). I have two general build styles; the first has the handle area bound quite firmly, so that it flexes less relative to the rest of the thong–this helps with leverage. The second style involves a “hard bind” for the first two inches under the heel knot, and then the rest of the thong is kept fairly evenly supple all the way to the heel knot. The two styles are distinctly different for throwing, but I like to be versatile!

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 4ft 16 plait signal whip spiral switched thong

A 4ft 16 plait signal whip in brandy and whiskey kangaroo leather, with modified bird’s eye spiral plaited into the handle area. An interesting bit about this whip is the thong, which has two strands switched to change it up a bit from the usual 1/4 seam regular herringbone.

3 half 24 plait Signal Whip

A 3.5ft, 24 plait signal whip, spiral plaited in black and purple kangaroo leather.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 3.5ft 16 plait signal whip roan black & natural kangaroo leather

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 3ft 16 plait MSK red black white

5ft Rud Signal Whip

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 4ft 16 plait Signal Whip Spiral SC

A 4ft, 16 strand spiral plaited signal whip in red and black kangaroo leather.

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers 4f 24 pl spiral Signal Whip TB handle detail

Handle detail of a 4ft 24 strand spiral plaited signal whip.

For learning to throw, and unless you have a large space in which you can use a larger whip, I usually recommend either a 4 ft signal whip or a 4 ft hybrid signal whip. The compact size makes it useful indoors in most spaces, yet the whip isn’t so short that it might be too fast for a beginner. The decision is of course ultimately up to the client, but I do recommend at least safety glasses! 😉

Mojave Outliers Blake Signal Whip 150

16 plait brandy and whiskey kangaroo hide give a suggestion of tiger eye to this 4 ft signal whip.

Again, see above for pricing and ordering details.