(SOLD!) Kawanga Stick Delrin Cane!

Mojave Outliers Whip Makers Delrin Cane Kawanga Stick Kangaroo Leather

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Presenting the Kawanga Stick! This is a 24″ Delrin cane at 3/8″ diameter, on which I’ve meticulously constructed an 8″ handle foundation, bolstered and bound. Using my whip maker’s skill and savvy, I’ve cut lace from whole hides, sized and beveled–the whole nine yards!–and plaited this at 12 plait in black and red kangaroo leather, with red pineapple heel knots. The plait pattern is my Mike Murphy tribute: diamonds with solid bands interrupted by a single row of double diamonds, and from start to finish it takes me about 4 hours to build one. The nice thing (among many nice things) is that this cane will last FOREVER, so it’s an excellent investment! So long as you don’t use it to pry up man hole covers or something like that, ahem! Too, at 3/8″ diameter, this is heavy on the “thud” factor, so bear that in mind.

Here’s a detail shot of the handle of this Kawanga stick:

Mojave Outliers Whipmakers Kawanga Stick Delrin Cane Kangaroo Leather Handle Detail

Send me an email if you’ve an interest, or if you’re thinking you’d like one in different colored leather!

And remember: “Swish, and flick!” 😉



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