(SOLD!) 4ft 12 Plait Bullwhip, Naturally Weighted!


Copy and paste version: desert.minx@mojaveoutliers.com

This is a naturally weighted bullwhip, which means (in this case) that it has no shot bag, rather 2 bellies and 2 bolsters, and it relies on the natural weight of the leather to balance out the whip over the length of the thong. The whip has an 8″ steel core handle, is 4ft long with a 12 plait overlay in forest green and natural kangaroo leather, finished with a 30″ tapered latigo fall (you can trim it shorter if you like) and black nylon cracker.


Lately I’ve been studying the “Australian” style build for bullwhips, in particular those done by Mike Murphy–in fact, a friend of mine was kind enough to let me borrow his Mike Murphy whip to study with my very own eyes (and camera, and digital calipers, and cloth napkins!). This whip is the first I’ve done at 4ft, so technically speaking it’s a Desert Minx First Edition, eh? Hahahah! Anyway, this whip is slender, light and fast, with a good loud crack on demand! Pricing reflects the fact that it takes a lot more leather and a lot more work to do a build this way compared to a whip with a shot bag. Feel free to send me an email if you’re interested! Also, couple more pics below…